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About SilverSea

We believe that every diner deserves the best dining experience.

That’s why at Silversea, we are committed to bring you the finest quality products that get you hooked. Just like Silver service is a premium fine dining experience to serve diners food right from the platters, not plated in kitchen, Silversea likewise differentiates itself from the rest by bringing you our premium fish that is specially selected and individually vacuum-packed for your convenience. The fish is flash-frozen on the boat right from the ocean to lock in the freshness, texture, nutrition, quality and best natural flavour at its peak.

At Silversea, we are proud in delivering our brand of signature distinctions: freshness, nutrition and quality.

Our premium fish products are available in major Cold Storage supermarkets in Singapore and major AEON supermarkets in Malaysia.
You can order our premium fish products from: