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Chun Cheng Fishery was founded by Ms Tan Guan Ngo in 1994 and she became the first and only woman entrepreneur in the fishery industry in Singapore. The company has gone a long way from its humble beginning to become one of Singapore’s leading processors, exporters and distributors of frozen fish and seafood products worldwide. Chun Cheng Fishery offers generic (non-labelled) products and private labels (contract processing) by working closely with processing companies, wholesalers, distributors, supermarkets, caterers & retailers. The company processes frozen fish for consumers in the US, Japan, Korea, Europe Russia and Brazil, and engages in custom contract processing in which it cuts fillets and steaks, and vacuum packs items like tuna steaks for some of the biggest frozen fish distributors worldwide. Its range of frozen fish varieties includes yellowfin tuna, swordfish, moro shark, blue shark, marlin, oil fish, mahimahi and mackerel as well as other seafood products. These come in options where they are dressed, gutted, gilled and gutted, or in fillets, loins, chunks and steaks.