Tandoori Tuna Tartare with Soft Polenta

  • 100g Tandoori Paste
  • 200g Plain Yoghurt
  • 80g Tuna Loin
  • 50g Instant Polenta
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 20g Leek
  • 500ml Chicken Stock
  • Salt Flakes


  1. To make the tandoori marinade, mix tandoori paste with plain yoghurt in a bowl.
  2. Add tuna loin into the marinade and wrap the bowl with cling film. Chill in the fridge for about 6 hrs.
  3. To cook the polenta, heat up a pot with a small amount of olive oil. Add in leek and sauté till it turns golden brown.
  4. Add chicken stock into the pot, then add polenta and boil for about 10 mins over medium heat.
  5. To make the tuna loin, heat the pan with some olive oil. Pan-sear all four sides of the tuna loin for about 30 secs on each side.
  6. Cook till medium rare or medium, depending on the thickness of your tuna loin.
  7. Pour the cooked polenta into a shallow bowl and top with the cooked tuna loin.
  8. Before serving, season tuna with some salt flakes and pepper.