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Why Frozen Fish is Better than Fresh Fish?
It is common perception that “Fresh” fish is always superior to frozen fish and is of a higher quality for consumption. However, “Fresh” does not equate to better value. With modern technological advancements, fish caught freshly out of the sea can be flash frozen directly on the boat, just minutes after being caught. Thus a frozen fish can be better than a fresh fish offering consumers the freshest product at the best overall value
Frozen FishFresh Fish
QualityFrozen at sea to lock in freshnessFresh thaw. Freshness drops over time
Nutritional ValueFrozen at sea to retain nutrition, moisture and tasteStarts to degrades over time
WastageLess wasteful. Use what you need.High wastage due to its perishibality.
Environmental ImpactEnvironmental friendly. Low carbon footprint with efficient transport methods.High carbon footprint bad for the environment
Shelf Life2 yearsDays/Weeks old due to transport, distribution and processing time
Bacteria Contamination-18°C halts bacteria growthChill/ Normal temperature promotes bacteria growth
Ease of UseVacuum Pack. Ready to use. Easy to cook.Normal
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