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Why Swordfish?
Swordfish provides an excellent nutrient source for protein and muscle development, and also contains extremely low amounts of saturated fatty acids. In addition, swordfish is low in sodium and high in potassium-which helps to control blood pressure and is also abundant in phosphorus and magnesium which makes huge contributions to building strong and healthy bone matrix.
Salmon which contains excellent source of protein and DHA&EPA, is well recognized by the public as a great choice of protein. However, Swordfish seems more preferable in case of diets.
• Which protein is richer in mineral?
Swordfish is relatively richer in minerals.
• Which protein is lower in Cholesterol?
Swordfish is lower in Cholesterol (difference 8.9mg).
• Which protein contain less Sodium?
Swordfish contain less Sodium (difference 21.8mg)
• Which protein is lower in Saturated Fat?
Swordfish is lower in Saturated Fat (difference 1.1g)

Swordfish can be a great choice other than Salmon. Check out the different Swordfish recipes to treat yourself and family to great dining!

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